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Feeding children physically, mentally and holistically by infusing their perspective through mentoring, feeding the hungry, financial literacy, educational support and entrepreneurial initiatives.

AWAKE's Core Objectives

Feeding Hungry Children throughout the U.S. and abroad. We participate in the elimination of childhood hunger throughout the globe.

Self-Awareness Development - Seeks to help individuals answer the question "Who am I?" These workshops provide participants with an introspective view of themselves with the goal of creating self-worth.

Environmental Awareness - Seeks to answer the question " What resources are available to me?" These workshops provide participants with information on available opportunities that relate directly to the goals of participants.

Enlightenment to Broaden Perspective - Seeks to answer the question "What choices do I have?" These field trips & workshops seek to enlighten participants to the many career choices available, with the hope of creating focus. Participants will visit various businesses and meet actual owners, executives and professionals in their work environment.

Financial and Business Literacy - These workshops, training & certificate programs will provide education in Financial Literacy, Computer Literacy, Basic Investing and Real Estate Career Information, taught by experts and career professionals in each field. 

Life Skills - These workshops cover a multitude of subjects designed to provide basic instrution on useful life skills. ( Resume preparation, budgeting, auto care, healthy eating, personal hygiene, personal organization)

Examples of Success - Actual Business Owners, Investors, Executives, Educators, Scientists, Engineers and other professionals will give lectures and answers questions from participants.

Leadership Training - These workshops provide leadership and accountability training.

Knowledge Sharing - Participants are encouraged to share life lessons and knowledge with each other during social events.

AWAKE's Alumni Contribution to Society

AWAKE's goal is to assist in creating well rounded professionals and entreprenuers who are aware of themselves, others and their environment. 

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